Monday, July 30, 2007

Single Vet Tech

For those of you who know Scott, you know how much he loves giving a sister-in-law a hard time! Needless to say, he has a heyday when one is living with us! Kendall woke up one morning to the following decorations on her car! She sported the advertisement to work and to our friends' places, but nothing yet! He may have to come up with another plan!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Apt 2B Continued...

This is the dining room wall...with one coat of paint on it. I don't think you can tell that it has the peachish tint to it.
The kitchen, which has been painted and I believe is done. It also has the peachish tint paint on it, but just doesn't look as bad.
And the living room with one coat of paint on it and a cleaner carpet!
My bedroom completely done. Please do not mind my grossness..I know I look horrible so nobody needs to comment on it!!
And last but not least..Kim's spill in my bedroom. here are some new pictures of the walls painted. In my bedroom we are COMPLETELY done..YAY!!! The other rooms, however, we are having some trouble in. Last night we were at some friends' house and I really liked the paint in her bedroom, so she told us the name of it and that she got it at the Hardware Store. Today Kim and I went in there to get the paint and we had decided that I would want to go one lighter than what Janelle had in her room, so we found what she had and saw what was lighter and I said let's go for it and Kim said "Oh, I think it is too pinkish than what you are wanting." Well, of course I just kind of let her comment slide because I knew I liked the one a little darker than it. I should not have let it slide. I don't know if you will be able to see the color that well in the picture, but I believe it has a tint of pinkish/peach in it. Kim thinks it looks really good in the kitchen but thinks it is too bright in the dining room area. She doesn't think it is that bad in the living room, but it still has that tint to it. SOOO...Kim fixed up a concoction of the two colors I have to make a tanner color that both her and I think will look better. Our hopes is to make enough of that to make the second coat in the living room and dining room. Have I mentioned I am just not too good at all of this stuff???? Anyway, hope you can see some difference in the picture of today from the ones I posted yesterday. Oh, the bottom pictures, I need to explain. Kim was giving me a hard time all day about how when I pour paint out I make such a mess, so the simple solution was to just have her pour which she did. Well, Kim was finishing doing the trim in the kitchen and I went in the bedroom to start putting the second coat on. Eventually I run out of paint and need to open up a new gallon, so I get Kim to pour it for me. Kim comes in, sits down, scoots the gallon closer to her and spills the paint all over her and the floor. It was HILARIOUS!!! Sooo..that explains that last pictures. :) Love you lots and miss you tons!! *Kendall*

Friday, July 20, 2007

Apt 2B Please

Okay, this is what it looks like right when you walk into the door....KITCHEN!!!
And this is the living room from the view of the kitchen..and that's my leg cause I was trying to jump and be in the air when Kim took the picture, didn't quite work out how I would have liked.
This is in between the kitchen and living room and we are looking at the door where you walk into my apartment. This is where my kitchen table will be making its home. :)
This is the gross gross living room which WILL BE CUTE if it's the last thing Kim and I do!!
And this is my lovely bathroom...very cute and simple..okay..maybe just simple..but it will be cute also..we just have to give it all a little bit more time!!

Hey hey hey everybody!!! So this is going to be a short and sweet blog because I spent all afternoon and night working on my new APARTMENT!!! Yes, that's right, I finally got a place of my own! YAY!!! Kim, Scott, and I have been busy cleaning, priming, painting, and running the carpet cleaner all night tonight in hopes to make the apartment a bit more livable so we can move my stuff in tomorrow. So far we have cleaned the walls, primed my bedroom, the living room, and half of the dining room. We also have put the first coat of paint on in my bedroom and Kim has done the first round of carpet cleaning in the living room (I believe she only needs to do it a few more times). The people who lived there before me were heavy heavy smokers so the walls are horrible and the carpet is disgusting. The whole place smelled of smoke also. Thankfully the electric company got my electricity turned on right away (I called on Thursday afternoon and they had it on by the time I got home from work on Friday...which when I turned on the light and saw it actually switched on, I did my first official lil' jig in my new apartment). Anyway...these picture are before we did any priming of the room or cleaning. The one of my bedroom didn't turn up and we didn't get one of the spare you will only get to see those when they are nice and cute!! I know they look disgusting, but even after the prime was put on the walls looked 100% better, so it can only go up from there! Love you lots and miss you tons!!!! *Kendall*

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Grinch; Played By The Green Pepper

Okay, so you may really have to use your imagination for this one, but humor us please! I harvested our first Green Bell Pepper today! Scott and I never have much luck with pepper plants in our garden, but this morning, I discovered a tiny, deformed pepper just waiting to be picked! I showed it to Scott and we both chuckled...proudly though! Scott's first words were, "It looks like a person. It looks like the Grinch!" I'm sure the camera didn't quite capture the face we were seeing, but I gave it a shot! Our first ever Green Bell Pepper, officially named "The Grinch" and yes, it tastes good too!