Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some extra tidbits...

Here are some more pictures of the little things in my apartment. And I forgot to sign out on the first blog I did you all and miss you tons!!


My Kinda Sorta Done Apartment

Okay...sorry it has taken me so long, but I finally took some pictures of my apartment. Now I know you won't believe me but usually I have the kitchen and living room pretty clean, but I kind of have been slacking this week. And my bedroom, well, you all know how well I keep it straightened up and I'm sure it will relieve all of you guys to know that I have not changed much in that department. About two weeks ago I started putting all of my clothes away that were packed up and got bored with it and haven't finished the job. So, that's my excuse for the room looking like it does. My plans are to have that all cleaned up before I leave to go to Illinois (yay!!). When I put my clothes away then hopefully that will motivate me enough to hang the bedroom decorations up. I still haven't finished my painting in the living room either, so I still have a wall that only has one coat on it and the blue tape still up. I also need to paint the hallway and the bathroom still but I think that will be a good winter project when I really have no desire to be outside in the cold or maybe when my next family member comes up for a visit...whichever. :) Anyway, here's some pictures of it decorated. I hope you think they are cute!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family Pix of the Andersons

I'm sorry these are so all know the computer issues I've had, and I'm just now getting up and going again. Here are a few copies of the Anderson Family pictures that I took the day of our cousin Devin's wedding. I still need to adjust the color on these, but otherwise, I think they did a good job!

Friday, August 10, 2007

WANTED: Seeing Eye Dog for Blind Basset Hound

As some of you know Fred recently had some cosmetic surgery done. Yes, his second eye was removed. I know what you are all thinking, why in the hell would you keep a blind dog? Well I will let you ask Ben that question because that was not the game plan. When his last eye started going bad we decided to put him down. I was the okne who was taking him to the vet and would have to tell them. As you all know, I am an emotional basket case so I cried to Ben until he said he would go in with me and tell them.
So the vet came in and confirmed that Fred was definately blind and continued to give us the options. Now this is when city vets and country vets are different. He told us that dogs do not get depressed when they are blind and they adapt very well. He also said that we could have the eye removed and if we did not think we could handle Fred then we could give him to a Basset Hound Rescue. Then he looked at us with disgust and said that we could end his life by putting him down. Well I don't know if Ben felt guilty, I know I could not look at the vet or poor Fred who was facing the wall barking at it.
Next thing I knew Ben told asked the vet when they could do the surgery and he said the next day. He left the room and I looked at Ben. He just said, "Oh well, it's just money." I said, "I know but we agreed to put him down." As you can see from the following pictures Ben won and we have a no eyed Basset Hound. Sorry, I am not good at this posting thing. I thought the pictures would show up after the writing. Oh well, you get the picture.
Here are some pictures of Moose and Leah. Moose is really enjoying Chester's old bed and Leah's hair is growing back and she is really looking better!!!!!! So, those pictures went to the top too. Anyway, that is all the news I have here! Can't wait to see everyone over Labor Day weekend!!!!!

Please scratch all comments about the pictures all being at the top. I just figured it out!!! Yeah for me!!! So, that's all folks!!!