Friday, January 18, 2008

Sweet, Innocent Face!?!?!???!?!

Look at this sweet, innocent face!!! (Well, maybe not!) Could he really have written all those things about not wanting to attend the Rankin Girls' family get-togethers? I highly doubt it!!!! Surely not!!! (Does he look a little confused?)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Man Rule!

New man rule!

Election of the favorite brother in-law!

You can vote only once, you can vote for yourself, and there can be four winners every year.

If you win your prize will be the ability to not attend any family functions outside of your own home, and in the event of one happening at your home you can observe from another location.

All in favor say aye!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some of My Favorites!

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I'm just going to try to post some of my favorite pictures from the holidays. Kori and Ben, Kim and Scott, and I have to get one in of Kendall since she didn't get in my last posting (even though she was a little puny-looking in this one-she had been sick-but it's the best one I have of her), interesting ones of Ella (I think she was ready to go out on the town!!!), cute ones of Jacob after Aunt Kori put leave-in conditioner in his hair and gave him a new "do", and Karen and Chris and the girls after they got home from Christmas Eve services (we were just on our way home from Indiana, having had Christmas with Mark's mom and kids). I know I don't have any of Kelly and Nick but I promise next time we see them, I'll try to get a good picture of them (they're pretty good at avoiding the camera; in fact, Kelly is usually behind the camera taking all the pictures!!). Until next time, Ruth