Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Wingin It With My Besties 2009

Everything is A-OK when you're going to the Bahamas with your besties!
(Here's the skinny with the showercap..the boat we had was a European boat so we did not have regular plug-ins, so we couldn't really do our I just didn't wash mine the first day!)
This is our hotel...just kidding! This hotel is the Atlantis in the's AMAZING!
There is a huge aquarium and it is all so beautiful! Someday I will make my future husband take me there to stay..or if Al and I both aren't married by thirty we are going to go and stay there!

This is some really cool chair by a cave..I don't really remember the story exactly on it but it's still pretty!

Gretchen and Al when we first got on the boat...everybody got along so well even though it was only like the third time these two have hung out together!

This is the first afternoon on our boat!
We all took turns being models..however, I don't have pictures of the other two during their modeling times!


Not as awesome..but still pretty awesome!
I think this is Florida on our way back...

Gretchen, Al, and me and the restaurant we ate at in the Bahamas...

Our boat: The Bahama Celebration..or something of that sort! This is what it looked like when we were about to get deserted!

All three of us ordered fried fish at the restaurant in the Bahamas..and this is what we got..
We were not expecting to have the head and everything still attached!

This is in the's called the "Queen's Staircase"
There are 62 steps....we walked down them and then our tourguide picked us up at the bottom..there was absolutely NO exercising while we were on vacation!

Sooo...there are my first batch of pictures. I have some more developed, but I know how all you people are and you can really only handle one group of pictures at a time or you won't comment on them all. I had an awesome time and although I was very nervous about going, I don't regret any bit of it! I LOVED the warm weather and really could consider moving to the Bahamas, I wonder if they have a shortage of vet techs or teachers there???
Kendall :)
PS- sorry the pictures aren't really in any kind of order..I get impatient with this whole thing so I just kind of throw them on here with a little explanation..when I'm home again I'll bring my pictures and tell the extended stories on them!
I also have more pictures from the Florida part of my be expecting them sometime this week!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

How Many... does it take to get a good shot of Kendall and Emma together! They could pass as sisters! They take pictures exactly the same!

Here we go!