Monday, September 28, 2009

I gotta go...Back to Schooool (Grease 2 song..or Grease 1..don't remember!)

This is my oh so cute desk prior to classes starting! Kori had bought me all sorts of fun things to put on it and then her and Kim came over to help me decorate! I had HUGE plans of staying organized and keeping things all nice and neat!

And here is my desk in Week 6 of my classes! So much for the keeping things cleaned and organized! I will say so, although I know it looks messy, I do know where everything that I need is...or about where it is. I pretty much live in my spare bedroom now because I am always online checking the websites to make sure I am not missing anything!

As many of you guys know already, I have gone back to school! I am going for elementary education and have liked it so far. I'm only taking two classes this semester (Educational Psychology and Foundations of American Education) but they are keeping me busy! I feel like I work and do homework, work and do homework, and work and do homework!! Although I do manage to keep a little bit of a social life just so I don't go in sain!
Each class does a chapter a week, discussions, a quiz, and sometimes extra things added into that. On Monday's I write out my schedule (on a fun sticky note that Kori got me-it has days of the week on it!) and start reading my chapter for my Foundations class. Tuesdays, depending on which shift I work at work, I try to start on my Psychology chapter. I'm about 50/50 on keeping up with that schedule. Sometimes I don't get all of one chapter read in a night, so it gets kind of spaced out. Wednesday and Thursdays is spent doing discussions online, they are considered our lecture so we are expected to read so many of them and comment on them. It is very depressing when you get online and see you have 300 unread messages! During the weekend I do any of the extra projects, take quizzes, and read discussions!
It's helped a lot that I finally have gotten internet at my place, although I hate not getting to spend so much time at the Anderson's! I told the girls at work I'll probably lose 10 pounds because I'm not eating out there every night...only like four nights out of the week!
Anyhoo..there's the lowdown on how I keep myself busy!
PS. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who has been helping me out with this and putting up with me venting about it all of the time!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I think I messed up...

Okay...I posted a new one but must have messed up somehow because it is currently under my last post!! So please scroll down under the post "Busy Busy Busy" and enjoy! It is not a very big one, sorry!

Kendall :)