Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rollin' On The River With Cletus! Oops, I Mean Creedence

A couple weekends ago a bunch of us met up in Fargo and went to a Kenny Chesney concert. We all had so much fun! There were two opening acts: Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert. I think I was more excited about those two than Kenny Chesney (not that he wasn't AWESOME as well, but I just love the other two).

Gretchen, Kim, and I drove down to Fargo early Saturday morning in order to get some shopping done and eat lunch at the Olive Garden(when you live so far away from restaurants, you get VERY excited about going to a city that has some good ones!). We made it down there right around lunch so we ate quick and then met up with our friends Noel and Ryan at the Fargodome to get our tickets and then met up with Jen and checked into our hotel room and THEN we finally got to get a little bit of shopping done! After that we went to our hotel bar where we met up with Jessie and Dusty and had a few beers, ate some appetizers, and then headed up to the hotel to get all dolled up!
Top night girls (and boys), TOP NIGHT!! :)
Love ya!

Gretta and me getting ready for the concert!!!

Jen and Jes getting ready while Ryan mans the music on the laptop!

The bathroom was so crowded with all of us girls getting ready, we had to improvise a bit..I'm standing on the toilet curling my hair!

The Girls!
(Jes, Jen
me, Gretchen, Kim)
Us on the bus to the concert! Our hotel provided a bus that shuttled to and back from the cost five dollars but worth it!

By the way Mom and Dad, the middle guy is your future son-in-law!!

Jes and Dusty :)

Noel: Pre-concert..he wasn't too stoked about it!

Gretta and me...there was a really sad song!

Miranda Lambert!!!!

Kim and Jen!! Though it appears Kim can barely keep her eyes open,
she barely drank a thing all night...she had to play mom for all of us!

Here comes KENNY CHESNEY!!!!!

He floated up out of nowhere and over the crowd to the stage...awesome!

Jen was getting ready to watch "Twilight" when she got home!
She had to get her face ready for the vampires!

A little softer side of Jen...or maybe she's just picked out her next victim!

Kenny...from a distance....

A little happier Noel! Yay for beer!

Gretchen was pouting cause they didn't play her favorite song!! :P