Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer in a Nutshell

Best Buddies

Splash of Support Weekend
Some of the best nieces and a nephew EVER!!!

Splash of Support
Yup. You can tell a tourist from a mile away.
That boy can not handle the Illinois heat.

Splash of Support
Uncle Ben on baby duty.
Poor little girls. :)

Clearwater County Fair
Jake and his favorite pig, Mama Mia

Clearwater County Fair
You've Got a Friend in Me

Clearwater County Fair
Getting ready for the show!
I got the privilege of getting Jake ready by myself that morning.  While I was getting ready, he did not leave my side or stop talking for more than a minute.  I finally made him get of the bathroom so I could go and what does the boy do? Continues to talk nonstop outside the door!!!

Clearwater County Fair
Jake did an awesome job with his pigs this year!  He was able to stay very focused!  I would tell him from time to time "Now Jake, you need to find the judge, remember, he's the guy in the blue shirt.  You need to find where he is and get your pig to go towards him."
Jake's response "Judge ohhh Judge!!"

Clearwater County Fair
Following pigs can be SO tiring!!

Autographs after the show ladies.

Once Jake was done showing, he got to hand out ribbons!

Jacob with Natalie and Nora
(sorry if I misspelled the names!)

Peyton, Natalie, Nora, and Jake
The Future of the 4H shows in
Clearwater County

Thanks for stopping in everybody!  It's been a busy summer with lots of guests and things to do!  I go up North almost weekend mostly because who wants to sit at home by themselves with nothing to do?!? I'm sure all the Moms' are yelling "We do!" 
Have a great rest of the summer!!!
Remember who you belong to!
Kendall :)