Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pre Thanks-Christmas!!

Sorry this is so late! Just a few picture from my travels pre- ThanksChristmas! There would be more, however, I forgot my camera at Kori's so nobody else got pictures..sorry! Stay tuned..pretty soon here I will have pictures up of ThanksChristmas!
Love you and Happy Holidays!
Pumpkin Rolls! Yummy!

Caleb's Birthday Cake!


Millie and me! Not such a cute picture but oh well! She was helping to bake with
her little measuring spoon!

Super cute picture!

Haha! Kori dancing to some song!

I think it's a stare down over the sippy cup!

Love her!

Self-Portrait..she was supposed to be taking a picture of Kori and me!

Cute picture!!
(Doesn't everybody LOVE Kim's hair straight?!?!)