Monday, February 2, 2009

Who says you can't have fun in -40* temperature!

Okay, so you all know a few weeks ago we up in Minnesota were dealing with negative 40* temperature, and that is not wind chill, just straight up that freezing cold! So one day at work the other girls I work with were telling me about blowing bubbles and throwing boiling water up in the air in this weather and what it would do. I'm easily amused and wanted to try it so my friend Lexie (whom I work with) and I got the bubbles out of the cupboard (yes, at a veterinary clinic we had bubbles) and boiled some water and set out to make some magic!
As you can see, the water freezes in the air! If you look at the building
you should be able to see "Clearwater Veterinary Service, LTD." but the water just freezes
and you can't see all of the letters!

Lexie throwing water up in the air!

Me throwing water up in the air!

If you look closely you can see the bubbles just chilling on the ground..they never popped!

Now if you look you can see some bubbles are half broken! CRAZY!