Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

...Thanks-Christmas! It took some pushing to get into the house on Monday! The UPS man has become a regular at our house, much to Ellie's delight (he brings her treats each time), but this was, by far, the largest shipment. Dad and Raylene shipped seven boxes full of gifts! Fortunately, they were already wrapped as Kendall and Scott were here by themselves yesterday, and one of them couldn't help themselves (and it wasn't Scott)! Much of my effort for this holiday goes towards keeping gifts secret from those two! It takes a lot of work and scheming!
I wanted to post a picture of the gifts I have stacked in our spare bedroom, but decided that might give too much away!
God bless!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween, Baby Shower, and Misc.

Just a collection of pictures taken at Halloween, Kori and Amelia's baby shower, and after church on November 9th. Hope you enjoy!! Grandma Cooper

I thought Amelia looked cute in this outfit for Halloween....

but her mom thought she needed a "real" costume for her first Halloween.

This was after Amelia found out what department her mother found this costume in -- and I'm not telling!

Doesn't Miss Emma look quite grown up here?

Ella, our "Dorothy".

I had to get the ruby red (or is it red ruby?) slippers, too!

Our favorite clown in Illinois -- Anna!!!

Christine getting some practice in!!! She can always calm the babies and we're hoping she has just as much luck doing that when her twins get here!!! Of course, she'll have Kyle to help!!! We can't wait!!! Family get-togethers will be fantastic with all the babies we'll have!

Her baby shower wore her out!

This was after church and I wanted you people up north to see your little fashion plate in Illinois! She is a stylin' baby, that's for sure!!