Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rankin Family BBQ

Last weekend the Rankin clan and relatives all got together to visit with Uncle Darrell and Nicholas, back in Illinois for the weekend from Minnesota.

Emma and Anna really enjoy taking pictures; so, the last few pictures are from their photographic experiments!

Pictures by Emma and Anna:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Walkin Partners

Hello! It's been my first week of a "grown-up" with an actual job and it hasn't been so bad. I really think I am going to enjoy the clinic and the people who work there. It actually makes me think of my Old Thompson days and talking with all the farmers. The clinic pretty much has that kind of an atmosphere, which I love! Their busy season is more in the Fall so it has been kind of slow right now, but I figure I have a lot of learning to do with all the large animal stuff so it should give me some time to learn more of the large animal stuff. Other than that, everything is great!

Since I moved up here I have been walking almost everyday with Kim and Scott's dog, Ellie. She loves the walks and pretty much pulls me and keeps me going when we do our little jog. Sometimes I don't think I can make it to the point I have set in my mind, but I will feel her just pulling away at the leash so I keep going and about die once I get there! It has been raining and cold almost all this past week so I haven't been doing as much of my walking that I would like, however, Ellie and I went on a walk on Saturday. While we were getting ready to go, Kim was outside with Jacob heading down to the garden. From the looks of the pictures the poor little guy would have MUCH rather gone on the walk with Ellie and me then stay with Mom in the garden! We couldn't resist taking pictures of it!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yes we are still alive!!

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive!!! Ben is taking his sweet time choosing an internet company so I finally got a library card and brought my laptop in to do some homework, check the blog, and my hotmail. I have taken several pictures of the dogs( just to let you know Fred is blind in the left eye and is going blind in the right), also pictures of the house and garden, we started consruction in the living room!!!!! the wanscoting is gone and also the wallpaper!!! These people put the wallpaper up before the trim, there are also some holes in the wall so we have our work cut out for us!!! Hopefully handyman Ben(ha ha)will will keep his word and finish this project!!! I brought my memory disk in with me to post the pictures but I guess I need something else because there does not seem to be a hole to stick it in!!!! So I will have to try again later!!
As for Leah and Moose they are doing great. Moose has finally figured out how to get in the house through the cat door but cannot figure out how to get outside from inside. Kendall, he must get his brains from you!!! He also is a pig!! He eats his food and the dog food!!! Leah and Moose get along great. Leah has become the expert fetcher!!! She carries the ball everywhere. She has gotten in trouble twice now. Once for eating my ballet slippers(Ben was thrilled!) and for digging holes in the kennel, this is still continuing!!! So I am afraid she will be gettinga shock collar till she stops. She digs a hole then puts stuff in it. It is kinda funny and Moose loves to lay in the holes!
I would also like to say that Ben is an idiot for wanting 5 acres. Mowing would be fine in the neighbors didn't mow every other freakin day!!! I promise they are out there 2 times a week mowing or trimming their yard so in the end ours always look like crap!!! It does not help that my husband could care less about how high the grass gets!!!! So in the end I am trying to keep up with the Jones' and he is not!!! Well there ya go!! Next time I will post the 20 pictures that go with all of this!!!! BUBYE!