Thursday, January 7, 2010

Better Late Than Never!!!

And may the funness and chaos of ThanksChristmas begin!!!

Such a big present for such a little dude!!

Millie doesn't look too thrilled about ThanksChristmas! She
better not join the HURL group later on in life!

I would take Miss Colby as a present...for a night!! :)

Little House on the Prairie girls!!!

Emma taking her time opening up a present..wonder what it was!!!!

Anna opening up the books I got her. I don't know if she really enjoys
reading so much, but it's good for her! And everybody loves
the Berenstain Bears books!

Ella and her super cool and super cute new hat!

And that's my boyfriend sleeping at his first Rankin get-together.
Notice, he's the only guy wearing the ThanksChristmas t-shirt. He was a bit in the

Looks like Chris will be drinking the hard stuff at the next luau!! Goodbye
Jell O shots and hello Gentleman whatever it is (sorry don't remember)!

Caught red-handed trying to steal my present! Colby, you better learn this lesson now:
I love Christmas and presents and will probably not share. Sorry :)

Good thing team HURL was there on clean-up duty!!

Ella saying the Pledge of Allegience!
She did an amazing job at remembering it all!

I think these two are already planning their own talents for the next show!!

Anna Banana telling her jokes! She did such a great job
at making everyone laugh!!!

Emma showing her AWESOME talent!
Good job!

Jake was hiding in the back being the music mistro for the James!

Lil' Rapper Annie

Merry Thanks-Christmas Everybody!!!
Everybody at work gets SO sick of my Christmas singing..I usually start getting excited
about July!!! :)
"(Thanks) Christmas Don't Be Late!!"

Sorry it's taken me so long AGAIN to get a post up! I really have no excuse except it's been Christmas and New Years and have had guests upon guests at my place and traveling through! Which means, I will eventually have a ton more pictures up from my Christmas break! YAY!!! :) Hope everybody had a great Christmas!!



Anderson said...

Fun post Kendall! Thanks for the trip down memory lane to Thanks-Christmas 09!!!! You got some good pictures! I never remember to get my camera out!!!!

Thanks for posting!!

The Machlitt Family said...

Yeah for posting, Kendall! Again, I am glad that you posted these cause it makes me want to do it all over again! I Can't Wait, till next year! And it was nice to see pics of our awesome talent show act!

Ben laughed!
Love - Kori

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Kendall!!! I love seeing what others see through their cameras, and who doesn't love that picture of Caleb?!?!? Truly the way he looked all through the afternoon (just giving you a hard time, Caleb!!)!


Anonymous said...

WOW! A POST!!! It's been so long!

Anonymous said...

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Joseph Del Broccolo said...

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God bless you all.

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